Since many gaming portals are blocked at school, as well as at work and other facilities, I have decided to build my own small gaming blog, dedicated to tank games in general and mainly my focus is on Tank Trouble 3.

Now I’m a big fan of this game, it reminds me of my childhood when I used to play Tank games all day long from my old Dendi console, seeing a remake of this game on a new modern flash platform just warms my heart and excites me as well.

The third version of the game is the most popular one, but if I remember correctly there are more (in total six or something like that), I have played all of them and I enjoyed it very much. I and my friend I often play it in 1vs1 mode and competition and thrill is just above the roof. If you prefer to play alone you can choose a single-player mode and fight against ‘Laika’ (AI named after the first dog in space), if your company is larger than two people you can select three-player mode and fight each other in deathmatch.

What can I say, developers of Tank Trouble 3 Unblocked made awesome online game, oh and that ricochet in the game is just masterpiece, you can shoot your ammo at the wall under a right angle and your ammo will ricochet from the wall and fly towards your enemy’s tank. Truly great idea, this feature gives the game more complicated fighting options thus making it interesting, keep in mind that the previous version of the game was awesome as well.