Extraordinary, crazy, mind-blowing and funny flash game – Happy Wheels demo is one of its kind. Developed and created from zero by Jim Bonacci this amazing flash game soon enough captured hearts of all gamers worldwide, currently, this game has millions of fans which share their experience and ideas online on daily basis.

Probably everyone can find their favorite character in this game, even though there are many different characters they are all different in terms of graphic design, movement and special abilities, diversity is another great feature which this game can offer you and by this, I mean also different map and different scenarios.

Filled with dark humor, interesting scenarios and flying body parts I can surely tell you that even the demo version of Happy Wheels is already good enough to give you a full taste of the game.

Unlike other boring racing games, this one is on a completely new level of craziness, things that you can do here and things which can be done to your character are just unbelievable, one moment your driving safely and another moment giant spinning sword cuts your body and throws parts of it in all directions. Yeah, I guess sometimes the game is even too realistic, but thing is that this is the main reason why people love it so much, it is unique, it is different and it is truly funny.

Controls of the game can be found below:

Z button – EJECT
Shift + ctrl buttons – SECONDARY ACTIONS
Arrow buttons – ACCELERATE & LEAN

If you would ask me to describe this game as simple as possible I would use the following two words only – racing carnage, obstacles in the game and levels of the game as well are built in such a way that even the smallest mistake will lead to death. So, watch your step carefully and do your best to bring your character at the finish line safely (without losing your body parts LOL).

Another interesting thing is the name of the levels, they are unique and scary as well, but they can give you a clear idea of what is waiting for you. For example following map – A large Satan eats u, starts with escape mission, you will have to run as fast as possible from the gullet of a large Satan and while doing so you will have to avoid different obstacles.

Like I have said before graphics of the game are pretty realistic, in fact, the technology that was used to create physics of the game is called – a ragdoll physics and this system suits this game perfectly.

List of characters you can find within the game yourself, I just want to tell you that each character has its own unique ability.

If you want to play the demo version of Happy Wheels you can play it above for free, there is full version as well which has tons of different features, maps, characters, etc. Oh and you can play this game on your phone as well (both Android and iOS platforms are supported). The game gets updates very often, sometimes Jim fixes bugs, sometimes he adds new features (for example full-screen mode) or characters.

This game is extremely popular and I highly recommend you to play it, after playing it for a couple of minutes you will get addicted to it for lifetime 😀

P.S. I have added a hacked version of the game on my site as well guys, it is called Godmode, make sure that you give it a try since it is far easier than the original version of the game.