So what is new in this fresh release? What kind of major changes are there? Are improvements huge? Let’s see, so first of all Plazma Burst 2 Unblocked is like a completely new/different flash game, compared to the previous version. Changes were impressive, starting from functionality and ending with graphics.

The story of the game is as always interesting and well-written; the game now has two different modes: campaign and multiplayer. Let’s talk about the campaign, as soon as you select this mode you can customize your character, you can change the color of your soldier, you can select different equipment, you can even play in custom maps and other new features which were not presented in the previous version of the game.

Once you are done editing your character, you can select the difficulty of the game. If you are not complete noob start from medium and later on switch on the hard level, hard mode is always more challenging and more interesting.

As a game progresses you will notice that your opponents are harder to defeat, it is normal, in this case, make sure that you visit game menu and select upgrades, add some stats to your firepower, get some better weapons and equipment, it will allow you to fight tougher enemies.

Unlike other boring online games, this one has everything that you need: a variety of weapons, different equipment, the storyline of the game, interesting scenarios and enemies, awesome graphics, etc. Game is pretty complicated and addictive at the same time, have fun.