We got a pretty good game suggestion for you today, this game is associated with football and if you are into sports games you will definitely appreciate this suggestion. As always we are open to new ideas and we are ready to hear them from you.

You know, from time to time it is good to relax and enjoy a good old classic sports game like football for example. The simplest way to do it is, of course, online games, today I want to present you one of the – New Star Soccer.

All action is the game is performed with the help of a mouse, this way you can relax, sit back and enjoy the game fully. All you have to do is to aim well, wait for the perfect moment and hit ball, after that you can see if your angle was calculated correctly. You have in total three so-called lives in the game, which means that after three mistakes game will end and you will have to start everything from the start.

The game has various different modes, for example, you can enjoy arcade mode, you can start a new career and the best part is – you can save the progress of your game and continue from the same spot later on. The game menu is simple in use and you can find all the necessary options there. If you have some questions, just visit the tutorial and it will clear everything for you.

Those of you who prefer playing games on a phone can easily download this particular online game on your phone, since it is available both on App Store and Android market.

With all that being said now you can start playing New Star Soccer and enjoy it fully with us.