So without any boring intro and other useless stuff, let’s start talking about Run 3, lets dive more into details and cover important aspects of this blog as well.

This is the third version of the game, previous ones were cool as well, the main difference between this version and previous ones is that the new release has far more better graphics, it has different modes, achievements and other cool options as well.

Overall, the game is really fun and entertaining, you can relax while playing it and you can enjoy the challenges which it can offer you.

I really love to play this game from phones, it is a lot more comfortable and fun. However, I have decided to build this blog mainly focusing on the PC version of the game, why? Well because there are more people who play such online games from the computer rather than from the phone and the PC version looks more bug-free and easy in control.

With that being said, I want to cover important aspects of my blog, this blog offers you an unblocked version of the game, you can play it for free from any location. Another great feature of flash platform is that it allows you to play this online game without any hassle, meaning: you don’t have to install anything, you don’t have to download some files or do other boring things, you just visit our blog, hit play button and enjoy your time, sounds awesome right?

P.S. Our blog was built a couple of years ago, we are having here awesome communi9ty, people with good manners, people with true gamer soul and friendly people in general. We answer user-submitted questions as soon as possible, we are planning to add a forum as well. We have grand plans for the future, hopefully, we can complete them successfully.

Visit us from time to time, enjoy your time playing Run 3 unblocked and don’t forget to leave your comments as well, your opinion is very important for us.