When it comes to running games there is no better option than famous Run 3 Unblocked. It has everything for your fun and entertainment, it is simple, movements in the game are smooth and dynamic, maps change from time to time, you have the option to jump on walls or ceiling and continue running there, etc. There are tons of features in this game and what I love the most is that it has freedom of movement in it, there are no restrictions on it and you can run freely. Another awesome thing about it is that you can play it on your phone and just sit and relax.
Keep in mind that unblocked mode of the game allows you to play it at school, at work, and from any other possible restricted locations πŸ˜‰

How to play:
Simplicity at its finest, in this game all you have to do is to run, just avoid falling in holes, you can climb on the wall, you can jump, etc. There are a lot of ways in order to avoid falling, just keep calm and focus your attention on the game. Keep in mind that map changes very often, you must pay attention to these changes and make your move according to it.

Move with the help of A and D buttons, jump with the help of the W button. Controls are pretty simple and easy in use.

Levels in the game change automatically, you just run across it reach the finish line and level changes without any problems. Every next level is more difficult than the previous one, there are more holes, there are more traps and it is difficult to navigate in the maps.

After finishing the first eight levels you will unlock new game modes: skater and infinite game mode, skater as a name suggests, allow your character to wear skate shoes and run with it and infinite mode allows you to play forever and just focus on high scores. I play infinite mode at work very often and it allows me to kill time and relax πŸ˜‰

Galaxy map:
This feature appears in the game menu, there you can see your current location and other unexplored parts of the universe. Check your game progress in it and try to finish all levels of the game.

a lot of people have no idea that game has achievements in it and you can check these achievements yourself. Just visit the main menu of the game windows and click on the golden crown icon, you will see all achievements and unlocked ones will be highlighted.

Play it from phone:
Oh great, I can download this game on my phone and play it from there. Download links are also included below, pretty sweet…

Top YouTube moments:
Check awesome video guide, we uploaded it just for you, it explains everything well and is user friendly with humor and jokes.

With that being said this is a decent game with entertaining gameplay and thrill, the game is fun in general and has a lot of different achievements and challenges. If you have some questions feel free to leave them below in the comments section or just use the contact form.

Trending online game SSF 2, read more about it to learn important facts.

Super Smash Flash 2
Those of you who enjoy playing fast-paced fighting games will definitely enjoy SSF 2. This is an outstanding flash game with different characters and different attack abilities. Anime fans will love it as well, because in this game you can meet legendary anime characters like Naruto for example or Ichigo, etc.

The game was developed by McLeodGaming and they also released a downloadable version of the game, if you don’t have internet or you prefer to play in offline mode you can easily Download Super Smash Flash 2 achieve and play it whenever you want. The game supports both Windows and Linux OS.

The game also has a multiplayer option; you can enjoy it with your friends. You can select different battlefields, different characters and start the fight on the arena. Unlike other boring online games, SSF has thrill and action in it which guarantees you entertainment.

Keep in mind that the game offers different characters and each character has its own unique attack abilities and its own unique strategy and role. In order to succeed in the game, you will have to understand the mechanics of each character and how to play with them.

With all that being said it is time for you to join the battle, battle of legends where the main objective is victory and nothing else.